Fun Weekend, Including CFRR!

Last weekend was amazing! My best friend Michaela (a.k.a, Baker Kella) drove up from North Carolina and we had a super fun filled weekend.

We started the fun on Thursday after I got home from work. We decided to try out an escape room, which neither of us had ever done before. It was a blast! There was some confusion when we signed up and we ended up in the Harry Potter room instead of the Sherlock Holmes room like we wanted, but it was fun. We went in with a, I want to say grandmother, and five kids. Watching them and their excitement was half the fun. We enjoyed it so much, that we stayed for the next room and got to do the Sherlock Holmes escape room! This time we were with adults. Seriously, I can’t tell you how much fun it was! I will definitely be doing some more. Oh, I almost forgot. We had the third fastest time for completing the Sherlock Holmes room! Although I think it was mostly the other people. But we did help a bit! I promise! Anyway, we loved it.

On Friday, we drove over to Cincinnati and went straight to the zoo! Oh, how I love zoos. Although some of the places in which animals are kept are kind of sad. Like the ones that seem way too small or nothing like their natural habitat. But for the most part, it was really fun and we spent six hours there! Needless to say, we left there completely exhausted.

On Sunday (don’t worry, I know I skipped Saturday), we stopped by this cool little castle that a man built for a group of kids to have their club in and we stopped at Findlay Market.

Okay, now the best part of the weekend: the Christian Fiction Readers Retreat!!!! This post is probably going to be really long as I have A LOT to say about CFRR. I might have to make this a two parter.

CFRR is an amazing event that brings together readers and writers. We started off by waiting in line to check-in and get our swag bags (I love swag bags!) and were able to have some fun conversations with other attendees in line. Once we got in, we were able to go ahead and say hello to a few authors. I didn’t think I was the fangirling kind, but it turns out I am. Especially when meeting Melissa Tagg!!!

I even got to sit by Melissa during part of the conference. AND during lunch, we were sitting at round tables and on my left was Courtney Walsh with Becky Wade next to her and on my right was Dawn Crandall with Katie Ganshert next to her. I WAS SURROUNDED BY AMAZING AUTHORS AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!

Here are pictures of me with some of the authors:

Melissa Tagg                                                                   Becky Wade




Dawn Crandall                                                             Rachel McMillan




Courtney Walsh                                                           Kristi Ann Hunter





I wasn’t super sure how much I was going to enjoy the talks, but they were so interesting. The speakers were Cynthia Ruchti, Becky Wade, & Shelley Shepard Gray. They all did an amazing job! And Becky Wade (and Dani Pettrey who wasn’t able to be there) set up a demonstration about what it takes to write a book. They have been working on novels for the last year and took videos of themselves at different stages of the process talking about it. Plus, they had a fun little worksheet for us to fill out to kind of get to experience the process a bit. I really enjoyed that.

On top of the speaker sessions, we also had author panels where a small group of the authors would discuss predetermined topics and the audience was allowed to ask questions. I attended Subtle Faith and the Change in Christian Fiction II and Book Boyfriends (in which they talked about coming up with their male leads). Both of these panels were interesting and entertaining.

Okay, I think it’s time to cut off this post and finish talking about CFRR in my next post. And there will be more pictures!


8 thoughts on “Fun Weekend, Including CFRR!

  1. I’m so ready to go to another Escape Room!! I say, when we go to CFRR18 in Nashville, we round up a whole group of ladies and solve the cases! 🙂

    I can’t wait to read your next post on CFRR, Becca!!

    • One of these days I’m actually going to get around to writing that second CFRR post! lol But I’m trying to focus on some reviews first and I’ve been busy helping Dad get his house ready to sell.

  2. Reblogged this on Baker Kella and commented:
    With all my traveling lately, I haven’t had a chance to sit down and gather my thoughts from the whirlwind vacay that was Ohio and the Christian Fiction Readers Retreat! But, until then, I think you should check out my Rebecca’s take on the awesomeness of CFRR!! 🙂

    • We loved meeting you, too!!! And I’ve FINALLY gotten around to writing my review for All This Time. Sorry it took so long! I’ve been crazy busy lately. But I loved the book. Like the rest of the series, it was fantastic!

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