Tell Someone Giveaway

Well, at least I’m only a week behind! I said I’d have this posted by last week. Oh, well.

This is the first giveaway I’ve ever done on this blog…I think, and I’m super excited about it. 😀 And the whole two people who read my blog should be pretty excited, too, because you have a very good chance to win!

Anyway, enough beating around the bush. Here is the giveaway for a hardback copy of Tell Someone by Greg (I actually wrote Hugh before I noticed) Laurie:

This is only open to people in the US (sorry everyone else!).
Giveaway ends 7/31/17 11:59:59.







Enter Giveaway HERE!


One thought on “Tell Someone Giveaway

  1. Reblogged this on Baker Kella and commented:
    Using biblical principles, Tell Someone by Greg Laurie reads to motivate Christians everywhere to tell people about the redeeming love of Jesus. Enter to win a copy of this inspirational read, courtesy of Rebecca Leigh!

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