Christian Fiction Readers Retreat

I’m super excited! Baker Kella, my best friend and fellow blogger, and I are going to be going to the Christian Fiction Readers Retreat for the first time this year. There are dozens of amazing authors going to be there, including Melissa Tagg! I previously wrote a review of her book entitled Like Never Before and it was excellent. It was the only book of hers I had read though, so I decided to read some more and see if it was just a one off. It wasn’t. She’s fantastic and now one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait to get her to autograph my copy of Like Never Before!

cfrr-guest-bag-penIt’s a one day event that will involve prayer, worship led by Nicole Coley (I’ve never heard her music before, but I’ll listen soon), giveaways, and we’ll get to hear many of the authors speak. It’s going to be such a fun experience. And another part of the event I’m extremely excited about is the swag bag. Who doesn’t love a good swag bag? To the right is a picture of last year’s. The bag alone is going to be awesome, but I can’t wait to see what’s inside. They said there will be at least one book!

We’ll also spend some time out and about while we’re there. I’ve only been to Cincinnati once and it was just for a concert and then we left right away after it was over. I would love to try Houdini’s Room Escape. I’ve wanted to try one of those for quite a while, although I think that’d be more fun with a larger group of friends. But it would still be awesome. $28 is a bit more than I want to spend, but it does seem a good price for that experience. I don’t know, we’ll see. If you have any suggestions on what we can do, I would love it if you left them in the comments.



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