Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg



Amelia Bentley’s family life has left her broken hearted and she finds her safe haven in a little town called Maple Valley. She was accepted by the townspeople, started a job working at a newspaper that she loved, and began to build a life for herself.

Then we have Logan Walker. He is a young widowed man with a 3 year old who is not yet talking and a budding career as a speech writer. He normally has it all together, but lately, not so much.

The story begins with Logan finding himself as the new owner of the newspaper where Amelia works. He plans on selling to a larger newspaper that will close it down, but Amelia can’t stand the thought of her beloved newspaper no longer existing. Not the best start to a relationship.

Despite this, the two of them grow closer, break down walls, and begin healing, but not without a few speed bumps along the way.


Some of these Christian Romance novels can be quite cheesy, but this is NOT one of them. Melissa Tagg had me hooked from the very beginning with just the exchange of emails between the two characters. Seriously, their ‘conversation’ just drew me in and made me laugh. I also love that this story is so much more than just a love story; it shows struggles that the many different characters go through.

With my history with anxiety, my brain is very much drawn to people dealing with mental and emotional issues in stories; it tends to be a focal point for my brain. In my summary above I briefly mentioned that Amelia is dealing with past heartache. I don’t want to ruin the story, so I won’t go into too much detail in case you haven’t read it yet (you should!), but I will say that her pain has caused her to close herself off mentally and emotionally. The people of Maple Valley have accepted her and she’s very active in the community, but she never really opens up or lets anyone in.

That’s something that definitely resonated with me. My anxiety has normally caused me to put on a mask, to be too afraid to let people see just how anxious and bad I was feeling (although I’ve been doing soooo much better the last couple of years and have really opened up!). It’s hard to let someone in and really see what you are feeling and dealing with. And that makes the idea of finding someone like Logan even more appealing. How wonderful it would be to find a man you could actually really open up to and know would still love you anyway; A man who would help you through those tough times.

Logan’s issues have been since his wife died. After going through that, he has found himself getting further and further away from God. I think he still wants to believe, but he’s just so…lost, so hurt. I know the pain of losing someone, but not a spouse and I, thankfully, didn’t experience the drifting from God. If I hadn’t clung to Him, I wouldn’t have made it through. But I can see how that could happen to someone.

It’s a wonderful story about growing in Christ and and a wonderful love story. To sum it up: it’s an excellent book and should definitely read it. Plus, I didn’t realize that it was the second book in the series so now I get to go and read the first one! If her other books are like this one, she is going to be one of my favorite authors.


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