Whole30 Again

So I’ve decided to do the Whole30 again. My first time was successful, but the last time? No so much. This Whole30 has actually been easier than the previous times. I’m sure it helped that I didn’t binge on all of the bad stuff before I began a week ago (I’m just about to finish up day 7! Woohoo!). I started eating healthier a week or two before hand, so, at least as of yet, I haven’t been through the hangover phase, the kill all the things phase, or the I just want to nap phase which are normally days 2-7.

But the worst thing for me has always been the prep. Oh, the prep. This time I premade some things the weekend before I started. I made and froze fully cooked meatballs (4 meals worth), hamburger patties ready to cook, and some spaghetti meat sauce that is frozen and just needs to be heated up. Plus, I have some items that I can buy straight from the store that don’t require much work. For example, a Simple Truth rotisserie chicken and Aidell’s Chicken and Apple sausages (I wasn’t sure how these would taste, but they were actually delicious!). The former is already cooked, hot, and read to eat and the latter can be heated up quickly as they are already fully cooked as well. Stuff like this definitely makes the Whole30 much easier.


Ooh, another thing I got right this time was the mayo. I don’t think you can buy any mayonnaise that is Whole30 approved, but you can make some. Last time, I tried making the mayo once or twice and it did not turn out well. This time, I made it using my food processor instead of a hand blender and that combined with this recipe turned out some good mayo! Not as flavorful as the store bought kind, but still good.

Here is the recipe I used that was found on allrecipes.com:

Whole30 Mayo

1 egg (the original source says to bring it to room temp, but I didn’t and it was fine)
1/2 teaspoon minced garlic
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon yellow mustard
3/4 cup light olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Combine egg, garlic, lemon juice and mustard in food processor. Blend until smooth. Slowly stream oil in while blending. Take your time with this step…pour in a slow, thin stream. The mayo will emulsify and thicken as it’s added. Refrigerate.

If you’ve done, or are currently doing, the Whole30, what are some of your go-to recipes?


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