The Salvation of Doctor Who by Matt Rawle

I received a free copy of this ebook from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

When I saw there was a Bible study having to do with Doctor Who, well, that got my interest right away. However, this bible study turned out to not quite be my cup of tea. Part of the problem might have been that I don’t actually watch Doctor Who anymore and I’m really far behind. I stopped at David Tennant’s final episode because I couldn’t bear to see him go. I love him as the doctor! One of these days I really need to get caught up.

Despite that, it was pretty interesting to see the ways he related the Bible and Doctor Who. But the fact that I’m not completely current on the show took away from it a bit.

I also didn’t completely agree with all of the things he said and conclusions he came to. I’ll have to study my Bible and see what it says about these issues. An example of that is that he believes we can surprise God. He thinks God can see all the possible outcomes, but he can still be surprised about what we choose. From everything I’ve read in the Bible, I disagree. I think God can see the future, and even if he can’t, he knows me so well that he’ll know what choice I’ll make.


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