The Volunteer Church by Leith Anderson & Jill Fox


I received a free copy of this ebook from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

            Finding volunteers can be like pulling teeth. It seems to end up being that same small group doing the work that really needs to be done by many people. Recruiting volunteers is crucial to get the most out of a church’s programs. As a church employee, I’ve seen this first hand and seen just how crucial our volunteers are.

I saw The Volunteer Church by Leith Anderson and Jill Fox and thought this would be a beneficial read. Overall I found this book helpful. Some of the stuff they write about are things I have heard before, but it’s really nice to have it in one spot and organized. There were also some great ideas that I hadn’t considered before. For example, send an email to your volunteers describing a role you need to fill and ask them for names of people who they think might be interested. You can also ask volunteers to write down the names of potential volunteers on a slip of paper so they can be asked. And one I liked the best was encouraging your current volunteers to find more volunteers. I think people would be more receptive that way. I think when the staff asks it can make people feel more pressured which we don’t want. They’ll also be able to get an idea of what volunteering is like by talking with someone who is already doing it.

I also liked all of the ideas they had about how to treat your volunteers. These people are giving their time and their energy and are such a crucial part of the church. They should be treasured and shown just how much they are appreciated.

I would definitely recommend this to people who are looking at helping the volunteer situation in your church. This would be a good resource.


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