Dragons, and Fairies, and Gnomes. Oh, My!

          Okay, so it’s been 18 days since I decided that I want to write at least 200 words every day and I’ve done pretty well. I missed 4 days, but have made up 3 of them within a day or two. I just missed the 4th day yesterday, so I’ll make it up today. My problem on the days I missed is that I put it off until evening and I tell myself that I’m going to do it when I finish whatever I’m working on at that moment, but then I forget about it before I finish. Still, 4 out of 18 is not bad for me. I think that I am going to up my word count to 300 or more words and see how that goes.

Besides my daily writing I am also working on my novel. I was going to give myself a deadline (one week) to come up with a basic plot and then work from there, but then I decided that I didn’t want to start with the plot; I would rather work on my story world (setting) first. I know that I said the exact same thing in my last post, but I guess I changed my mind and decided to work on the plot again or I just forgot that I had wanted to work on my story world instead. Anyway, I am holding off on the plot again and working on the story world. And I’m not just saying it this time; I’m actually making progress on it!

I have enough information for two of the races/creatures, a little information on about two more, and some vague ideas on a couple more. I was really pleased on my progress, but I will admit that I haven’t worked on it in a couple of days. I may need to give myself a goal for this just like I did for my daily writing.

Even though I don’t have a lot done, I am very pleased to have something and feel like I am making progress. I have spent some time researching different fantasy/fairytale/mythical creatures to see if I wanted to use any in my story or use them as a starting point and change them to make them something I want them to be for my story. And I have also, as I stated before, actually made some decisions about those races/creatures. It’s just so nice to actually have something to show for my work and not just be sitting at my desk trying to think of a plot and coming up with nothing.


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