Four Days!!!

I have actually been doing pretty good with making myself write everyday. Okay, it’s only been four days, but that’s great for me! I have been sitting at my computer or using a notebook and then just writing without thinking too much about it. I write only one scene or part of a scene and so far they haven’t been more than a page long. I am not focusing on a plot for what I’m writing or how it is going to tie into anything else I might right, I just write that one scene. It’s been a good way to get my creative juices flowing and giving me practice writing.

I quite like one of the things I wrote the first day I started doing this, even though there isn’t much to it. It just involves two sister and a skunk. The elder sister lives alone and the younger sister comes running up, throws a skunk in her house (while she’s inside), and then shuts her in. Then the elder runs after the younger, drags her back to the house, and traps her inside with the smell. There’s not much to it, but for some reason I really like the scene.

One of the things I like best about it is that I wrote it in first person, present tense. I’ve never really liked first person, but it has been growing on me more and more in the past few years. I used to put a book down right away if I saw it was first person; I wouldn’t even give it a chance. But now I kind of like first person, and I love it when it is written in present tense (and not just because that is how The Hunger Games is written). I think The Hunger Games is the first book I’ve ever read written like this and I fell in love with the way it reads. And after trying a few different scenes written in it, I will probably write whatever novel idea I come up with in first person, present tense.

After a few days of this random writing, I am still really loving the sister/skunk story so I have decided to expand on it. I wrote a little more yesterday. Today, I just sat back and thought about it for a while. I have come up with a couple more ideas for it (ideas that would actually play a much larger part  in the story) that I really like. So this may end up leading to an idea for my novel. I hope so!


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