If you’ve read any of my other posts, then you probably have a good idea of why I might be ashamed. I haven’t really worked on my novel since my mother went into the hospital. I had a good excuse the first few days; I really didn’t have the time while she was in the hospital and not much the first few days after she got out, but then I did have the time and I didn’t work on my story (hangs head in shame). So tonight when I went to bed I decided to really think about my story and try to come up with ideas. I decided to focus on my bad guy. And much to my surprise and my sleep’s chagrin, ideas began to come to me. I now have a pretty good idea of who my bad guy is going to be. I know a bit of what he is going to be like, how he is going to behave, and why he is doing the things he is going to do. It’s not an exhaustive biography by any means, but it’s a very good start.

I think knowing who my bad guy is and how he is going to act is going to help me with the plot. I think that instead of coming up with the plot and then making characters to fit the situation I’m going to come up with the characters and make a situation to fit them. I want to put them in certain situations and figure out how they would act and go from there. So I’ll probably do a bit more work on my antagonist and then do a lot more work on my protagonists before I really work on the plot. I’m feeling excited!!!

I have been reading a lot (notice that a lot is two words) lately and I just finished the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. I really enjoyed the characters and the story. I will definitely read the books again. I’m a person who likes to read books I enjoy more than once. The first time I get so into the story and want to know what is going to happen next that I end up skipping/skimming some of the descriptions and end up missing some parts that aren’t really crucial to the story. I’m just so impatient to find out what is going to happen next! When I read them again I do not have the urge to go fast so I’m able to pick up a lot more details. I also am able to take more notice of the writing style which is something that interests me. I don’t just read for the story, I also read for the writing. I have read a series before and actually liked the story (for the most part), but when I read it again I noticed just how poorly it was written and I have refused to read it again. The story was not good enough to make up for the bad writing. Now getting back to the Inheritance Cycle, I was disappointed with the ending. The epic fight was concluded, but very little else was. The book ended with so many things being unresolved. That is very frustrating for me as I am a person who loves an epilogue informing the reader how the characters are doing some time in the future. I like all the loose ends tied. Thankfully, I read an interview with the author and he said that he was going to write some more books set in Alagaësia and that we would be seeing some of the characters again. Thank goodness! I want to know what happened to these characters! Besides that mild frustration, it was a very good series and I would definitely recommend it.


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