And Back Again

I finally started working on my children’s book again. Yes, I know it took me quite a while to finally start. I am a really bad procrastinator and I have a short attention span. I’ll tell myself that I’ll write right after I listen to one more song on my iPod, then one more, then one more. Or I tell myself that I’ll just play one more game of spider solitaire, but that of course is never the case. Even when I finally get myself to start working on it, my mind begins to wander and sometimes after only a single minute I’m back to doing something else. Needless to say, it is very frustrating. I would love to see what I could accomplish if I could sit still and focus for a decent length of time.

Today I decided that I needed to make myself write no matter what and I found a simple way to do it: I just need to give myself a set plan. If I leave it open-ended, then I get easily distracted and don’t focus as much. Today I told myself that I would work on my children’s book until a certain time and I did. I worked on it for about 45 minutes. Having a set plan made it easier to ignore the other stuff and make myself focus on my writing. I’m definitely going to have to do this every time I write if I want to actually get something done.

Now back to my children’s book. I told you before that I had decided to change my characters from animals to human children. However, I just wasn’t able to make that work in a way I was satisfied with so I decided to go back to animals; although I did change some of the animals. I changed one of the animals to a hedgehog. I used to live in England when I was a kid and we would see hedgehogs in our backyard sometimes. I remember seeing this huge one right next to the outside wall. I used to love it whenever they came around.

Tonight, I’m going to read over my previous drafts so that I can get the story back into my head and then pick out the parts I like and don’t like. Then, tonight or tomorrow, I’ll work on another draft and finish going through my library book (Writing Picture Books) before I have to take it back in ten days. I’m really excited that I finally got some work done today! It wasn’t a whole lot and I didn’t work for too long, but it’s a step in the right direction.


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