I’ve not been doing too well at making myself write this week. I finally worked on my novel today although I’m not really writing yet; I’m still just trying to come up with the plot. I did get an idea due to a crazy dream I had. I think tomorrow I’ll work on my children’s book. I haven’t worked on it since I decided to change the characters from animals to human children and I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s going to turn out.

I was thinking the other day of a story I wrote in elementary or middle school called The Cave. My friends would let me read it to them in the lunch room after we ate. The characters in the story were my friends from school and I can’t remember the plot exactly, but in involved all of us being on a school bus that breaks down. While we’re waiting for someone to come and fix the bus, we see a cave nearby and decide to go explore (because obviously the bus driver would let kids get off the bus and wander around on their own). The rest of the book takes place in the cave which involves us battling bad guys and finding out that one the kids has a long lost identical twin brother he didn’t know about who just happens to be in the cave (it’s a miracle!). Hopefully my writing has gotten better since then.


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